Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Project 52 {weeks 29-37}

Week 29
(July 16-22)
29 NM camping
We had a weekend camping trip with our church's newly married group. It was a hot weekend, but nice to get at least one weekend of camping in this summer. In this photo Kyle & Enoch are out in the kayak's another friend brought for everyone to enjoy.

Week 30
(July 23-29)
July29_11 overview 5
Yeah for visual progress, it's so nice having the framing up to actually get a visual of what our new basement space will look like. They also installed the EGress window today, which you can't see in this photo.

Week 31
(July 30-Aug 5)
31/52 D1 galvaston beach
Spent a lovely few days visiting my friend Blair in Houston. The first day I was there we went to a beach in Galveston. Of course I was visiting in almost the hottest time of the year!

Week 32
(Aug 6-12)
32/52 moon over field
First baseball game of the season we attended. It was a beautiful night!

Week 33
(Aug 13-19)
Birthday Flowers
My mom sent me these beautiful flowers for my birthday :-) only one year in the 20's left.

Week 34
(Aug 20-26)
34/52 Lake Superior
Our only trip up to the North Shore this summer, was a day trip to Gooseberry Falls State Park for a short little hike around their hiking club trail. As usual, it's beautiful up there! So glad we were able to make it up for a visit this summer.

Week 35
(Aug 27-Sept 2)
D4 tide pools beach side
We spent a week visiting my brother in Los Angeles, California. This picture was taken in Newport Beach near the tide pools.

Week 36
(Sept 3-9)
36 bubble_boba tea
While in LA, I tried some Boba Tea while we were out at a Thai restaurant. It is basically Thai iced tea with tapioca pearls in the bottom. When I came home I was determined to find it for sale here. I found two placed, one being the Tea Garden where this one is from. I found out here they call it Bubble Tea.

Week 37
(Sept 10-16)
37 Harpo sleeping on my belly
Harpo has been fond of my growing belly, it hasn't seem to stop him from snuggling up with me. Here we are relaxing in the new recliner in the baby's room and he is napping on my belly. He'll even lay there and feel the baby kicking, doesn't phase him at all. I can't wait for Harpo to get to meet his little brother soon!! I know Harpo's going to love him just as much as he loves us.

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