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LA Trip {Day 2; August 26th} Malibu & Newport Bay

Friday morning we took our time getting up and around. Josh had taken the day off work, so the plan was to drive out to Malibu to go to The Getty Villa museum, then head down to Newport Beach area to visit his girlfriend, Stephanie, who we'd be staying the weekend with.

We had a lovely drive to Malibu, he took us up hwy 101 and then we came back south through Malibu State Park and some other parks. It was gorgeous. Sorry I didn't get any pictures of the drive, my stomach was hurting a little, I had heart burn, was hungry, and needed to pee... so I was just focusing on making it through the trip :-) and Josh's driving didn't help much ;-)

We arrived in Malibu and drove through this little grocery store area where often times stars are spotting. Of course it was early again (just like our bus tour) and there weren't any because they don't usually come out that early (before noon). Then we went over to another little area where we found some lunch before heading to the Museum. We had burritos in this cute little shopping, garden area.

The Getty Villa is a little satellite location of the main Getty Museum in LA. It's set off the main Pacific Coast Hwy, hidden from view. Josh got us tickets ahead of time, which were timed and we had to show them the tickets before pulling up to the parking lot. Very elite like.
D2 getty villa hallway

It was a cool little museum with beautiful gardens! This was the main level
D2 getty villa inside

And this was on the second level:
D2 getty villa inside upstairs

The inner garden:
D2 getty villa inner garden

The outer garden; view from the balcony:
D2 getty villa outer garden

And the side garden:
D2 getty villa kyle daisy side garden

Here are some more pictures from around the museum
D2 getty villa lily pad pool

D2 getty villa outer garden statue

D2 getty villa outer garden & museum

After the museum we got on the road to make our hour drive down to Newport Beach area. We ended up running into more traffic than we would like, which caused a bit of a delay. As well as Josh needing to stop in DOWNTOWN LA to pick up some flowers for Stephanie as he didn't want to go anywhere else but this place :-P so we were a little late getting there, but it was okay. We ended up just meeting Stephanie on Balboa Island instead of at her house. The itinerary called for a 5:00pm Duffy ride around Newport Bay. A duffy is a little electric boat. So we parked on Balboa Island (got there by bridge) and took a ferry over to Balboa Peninsula.
D2 duffy ride balboa island

It was a perfect night for a boat ride
D2 duffy ride balboa bay

As we were crossing over on the ferry, Kyle, Stephanie, & Josh saw a seal swimming near the docks. I didn't see it :-( so we were on a constant look out for seals throughout the boat ride. I did see lots of cool pelicans!
D2 duffy ride pelican

We made a loop around, we saw LOTS of standing paddle surfers, and even a little sail boating class taking place with kids in dingy's.
D2 duffy ride kyle daisy

D2 duffy ride josh steph

THEN we saw a seal jump up on a boat!!! Actually Josh saw it from afar so we went closer.
D2 duffy ride seals on boat zoomed out

D2 duffy ride seals on boat

After seeing the seals on the boat we started to notice a lot of boats having gates or contraptions to prevent seals from getting up on their boats. But we still spotted some that made their way up on the back ledges
D2 duffy ride seals on boat 2

We rode along some more, continuing our loop
D2 duffy ride bird

D2 duffy ride boat

As we neared our destination, we saw another seal jumping up trying to join all his friends.
D2 duffy ride seal jumping on boat 3

After a few tries he made it on the ledge. He held this pose for about a minute before dropping back into the water. He was trying to get on the top part, when he needed to just jump on the small part and work his way up.
D2 duffy ride seals on boat 3

The closer we got, the more we could smell them. Boy were they STINKY!!! I could see why people wouldn't want them jumping on their boat. Can you imagine coming back to your boat to find a flock of seals sun bathing!!! And they probably make it super dirty as you can see from the above boats they were pretty grimy.

We finished our lovely hour duffy ride, then headed over to Stephanie's house. She lived it a cool place just a few blocks from the ocean! We had a lovely evening grilling out on the rooftop and then relaxed with our feet up. I needed the rest as the day before was a long day of sight-seeing.
D2_3 Stephs roof

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