Tuesday, September 6, 2011

LA Trip {Day 4; August 28th} Tide Pools in Newport & Naples Area

Sunday morning we got up and Josh cooked us some eggs. Stephanie's daughter came home and we took a walk around the neighborhood to a cute little puppy shop. After our town walk, we walked back down to the area we were at the day before at the beach,
D4 tide pools walk to

but went down on the other side of the hill to the tide pools
D4 tide pools from hill

This area is preserved by the city (or state, I can't remember which) so they have people around, a little education booth, and signs asking you not to step in the water or take any of the shells/crabs. But there was a little beach area for people to swim in just north of the tide pools
D4 tide pools beach side

We had fun looking for crabs and watching the little fish swim around in the tide pools
D4 tide pools feasting on clam

D4 tide pools little crab

I had fun taking pictures of the waves and boats off in the distance :-)
D4 tide pools sail boat

D4 tide pools boats waves

D4 tide pools boats waves verticle

Here's Josh and I:
D4 tide pools daisy josh

and Kyle and I:
D4 tide pools daisy kyle

After a little time at the tide pools, we walked back to Stephanie's and loaded up to head back up north to Los Angeles. Instead of taking the highway we took the Pacific Coast Highway, which took us up along the shoreline. We stopped in the Long Beach area, in a small area called Naples and had lunch with a friend of Josh's. After lunch and my discovery of Buba Tea, (which I have not found out is more frequently called Bubble Tea here in Minneapolis) we took a nice walk around the area.

The bay here is called Alamitos Bay
D4 Naples Alamitos Bay

I finally got to see lots of 'bird of paradise' plants. These are some of my favorites!!
D4 Naples bird of paradise

Naples is a little island right in the middle of the bay. There were these really cool canals that ran around. Each house had their own little dock out front that housed their little boat (which probably took them to a bigger boat) We also saw a lot of people stand boarding... I think it's called long boarding. It's the new greatest thing, which we actually see a lot of around the lakes here in the Twin Cities.
D4 Naples canals

After our afternoon walk, we headed back to Josh's. He wanted to go for a run at a local park area, so we got a blanket and went with him. We rested in the shade (the little bit that was there when we first arrived, it was soon all shaded) while he ran around Silver Lake Reservoir.
D4 laying in park during joshs run

D4 josh running

After his run, we made a quick stop at the house for Josh to shower and change. Then we headed out to Hollywood because Kyle and I were in search of a little California license plate with the baby's name on it. Like my name it's not the easiest to find, and we actually did see it at one souvenir store, but it was sold out... of course. So the search was on. We went to 2 or 3 shops before we finally found it again :-) Then after our hunt, Josh gave us a quick driving tour of his old apartments and law school on our way to have some Korean BBQ. When trying to figure out what to eat, Josh asked us if we had ever had Korean BBQ. Both, Kyle and I, had never even heard of this - so we were all for a new experience. Josh said we had to go if not for just the experience alone, but that it is really good food as well.

We sat down around a grill, with lots of toppings and sides all around. It is an all you can eat style place, so you pick if you want meat only or meat & seafood.
D4 korean bbq grill

I think we ended up ordering 4 different kinds of meat. They bring us the tray of raw meat and we cook it.
D4 korean bbq meat

It was REALLY good and the boys ate a LOT! I ate as much as I could before I felt like I was going to burst, but I just don't have the stomach room like I used to :-P

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