Saturday, September 3, 2011

LA Trip {Day 3; August 27th} Newport Beach & Laguna Beach

Saturday morning we woke up and had a lovely breakfast, Stephanie fixed a yummy egg casserole and we got around to head to the beach for the afternoon.

The beach we went to was just a short walk from her house.
D3 beach walking to beach

I enjoyed all the colorful foliage on the way!
D3 beach cool flower tree
D3 beach cool tree

It was a beautiful day for the beach!
D3 beach Newport Beach

It was quite the hike down to the ocean, so we stopped to get some photos
D3 beach kyle daisy

After laying out for a bit, we went to cool off in the ocean. Boy was it chilly! Compared to the gulf that I was in a few weeks before, this was like ICE water!! But my body adjusted to it fairly quickly and we enjoyed jumping in the waves. Here is Josh on the boogie board:
D3 beach josh wave

Here's Kyle & Josh playing in the waves:
D3 beach kyle josh wave

We had a lot of fun playing in the waves
D3 beach kyle daisy in water

D3 beach kyle in water

We enjoyed a picnic lunch on the beach before heading back up the hill to clean up at Stephanie's. My watch ended up stopping, although it's a triathlon watch and meant for water, I've been having some trouble with it lately. I had already returned another I had for 7 months when it suddenly stopped worked after getting wet, and this one only made it one round before quiting this day. So we went up north a little to Costa Mesa to Target so I could get a replacement watch for the time being before heading to Laguna Beach for dinner.

I found a watch, which is actually a funny story... I had asked for a watch for my birthday, I wanted a face watch that had the little 24 hours numbers on the inside: 13..14..15.. etc. Since I work evenings we use 24 hour time for charting and what not and I just wanted that feature on my watch for convenience. Well Kyle had looked and looked and couldn't really find something that we'd like. Then with recent events, we just put it behind us and forgot about it. Well looking for a watch at Target, we FOUND one! And I really like it! LOL it was pretty funny because Kyle was shocked it was at Target after he had surfed the web for hours searching for one :-P Also while at Target I realized my shin's had burnt from the sun that day, so I was able to pick up some aloe that I lathered on continuously all evening. Josh was doing some sandal & shirt shopping as well. As he had walked to the beach bare footed earlier that day. He wanted to find some cheapy flip flops he could just leave at Stephanie's. He wanted to check a local shoe shop to compare that was just next to Target, so we went over there with a pit stop to Starbucks as well. He ended up liking the Target shoes better so he convinces Stephanie to just drop him off real quick and he would take 2 minutes to run in, get the flip flops and come back out. Well when we went back to Target we pull up to see a cop car with his gun pulled on this red truck!
D3 target arrest 1

We drop Josh off at the door and pull an aisle over to a parking spot and watch what's going on. Stephanie explained to us that not much happens down in Orange County, so when there is something the police tend to overreact. They don't have the action that LA County police do. The weird thing was the kids in the car appeared cooperative the whole time, so I'm not sure why the police had their guns pulled. Shortly after we pulled up two more cars came to the other side, now there were two guys (pointed at each other - at the car) with guns pulled and the kids still sitting in the truck. We heard some mumble about cross-fire from the officers.
D3 target arrest 2

Then a THIRD cop goes to his trunk and pulls out this HUGE gun! It was quite entertaining and honestly a bit humours.
D3 target arrest 4

We also saw the Target Security guards walk out looking all high and mighty, just to be shooed away by the officers, haha. They finally told the guys to slowly get out of the truck and on the ground I think, then one officer went over to arrest them and the one with the big gun went to check the truck. We have no idea what they were pulled over for, I'm sure the Target guards want us to think "this is what you get for shoplifting" lol... who knows! By this time there was quite the crowd watching, and a man with his infant in arms being a little too curious and close to the action. (he's the one here in the orange shirt)
D3 target arrest 3

After this quick excitement, Josh made his way back to the car and we were on our way south to Laguna beach with an exciting story to tell :-P

We had reservations at 7:00 to eat at the White House, which was a little quaint restaurant along the Pacific Coast Hwy, just a block from the beach. This picture was from the car ride on our way to the little main street.
D3 laguna beach drive by

We had dinner and walked around the area right around sunset. We made a quick stop down by the beach so I could snap a few sunset photos.
D3 laguna beach sunset 1

D3 laguna beach sunset 2

While walking along the little shops, Kyle spotted Magic Johnson! It was a very exciting celebrating spotting for him, the first (and only) one we'd seen!!

After our walk, we headed to the car and made our way back to Stephanie's house, where we watched 'Open Water' haha a lovely movie to watch AFTER we'd been swimming in the ocean. It was about a couple being stranded in the middle of the ocean and dealing with sharks swimming around them. It actually was an okay movie, one of those hand held, low cost type movies.

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