Sunday, September 25, 2011

Baby Room - aka Nursery

I keep referring to his room as "the baby room" when I guess I could just call it the nursery. I've never really been fond of the word nursery for a baby room... maybe because "The Nursery" is where you go to, to play during church, or it's a place where lots of babies are held because their parents don't want them in the room with them :-/ anyway I think I'll stick with "The Baby's Room" or "___ Room" yes we know his name (well what we are pretty sure we are going to name him) but we don't want to announce it until he's here. I figure it's his name, he should be present when it gets told to the world :-P also we want to be able to change it last minute if we want without getting $h!t from people. :-)

Okay back to the blog post, sorry went off a little bit. So yesterday we made a trip to Ikea to pick up his dresser, night stand, and mirror. Grandma Cindy & Grandpa Del wanted to get him something that would last longer than one wear, so they purchased the remainder of his bedroom furniture. :-) Thank You!!!! Since the basement is getting closer to being finished (carpet is in) we were able to move some of the big things down there with help of two great friends, Michelle & Enoch. We moved the computer desk, sewing table, filing cabinet, and couch. This opened up the rest of baby's room so we can get closer to finishing that off.

Last night we put together our Ikea furniture:
putting together dresser 1

I had to take a break mid-way and read the directions to Kyle from the chair as my heartburn was killing me. It was the perfect time to eat an apple, which I had heard to help. BTW apple juice does NOT help, it in fact makes it worse. I'm not a fan of apples or apple juice, but I was to the point of trying anything. My sister-in-law suggested the apple and after some research I learned it's the fiber in the apple that is suppose to help. It took it a while, but I think it in fact did help. I was able to lay down last night to sleep instead of propping myself up most of the night.

Kyle is busy at work:
putting together dresser

We stopped last night after the dresser and nightstand and decided to wait until today to hang the mirror and artwork. But here is his room! All complete, minus hanging the closet door.
baby room 3

baby room 1

baby room 2 no closet

Here's the night stand and the cute little lamp I found a few months ago!
baby room nightstand and lamp

Friday night after we moved some of the furniture that was crowding the dining room downstairs it was like Christmas all over again! I found this lamp and we found the car seat we had purchased :-) We are so ready to be getting our house back and de-cluttered!!!

Here's the mirror and artwork:
baby room 4

And as you can see in the bottom left corner some new toys we picked up yesterday:
consignment sale finds

We went to a 'Munchkin Market' (baby consignment sale) at the State Fair Grounds yesterday. We didn't really have anything in mind to get, but I did want to go just to see if there were any good finds at a good deal. I ended up seeing this, which I have seen before in my years of child care. I love the little blocks, they are plastic hollow blocks and each one has something different inside. The hippo is a ride or push toy that actually picks up the blocks off the ground (a play toy and a cleaning tool - PERFECT!) We also got a couple of bottles and some wooden toy trucks :-)

While we're on the topic of baby I might as well post Baby's newest photo. He's got his daddy's nose:
photo (1)

Some friends and I at work were having a slow night and wondering what little baby boy was up to so we played around on the ultrasound machine. Mainly seeing this:
photo (2)
And things of that sort. It took us about 30 minutes to locate his face! lol but Rachel finally found it and we were able to freeze the screen to get a picture with my phone. Ultrasounds are hard to work, I have a lot more respect for those ultrasound techs in clinic!! It's not easy locating things in there, lol.

Also here's the latest belly timeline:
belly timeline up to 32

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