Friday, September 9, 2011

Baby's Room Progress

Here are the before pictures of the baby's room. It used to be my craft room and computer room, but in these photos all I have left is my computer and filing cabinet. It's MUCH cleaner than it ever was before :-P
baby room before 3

baby room before 2

Like I mentioned in a previous post we installed a new ceiling fan. And we also painted all the trim white in the room, which you can see in the above pictures. Last weekend we got it painted and got some furniture moved in. The computer has to stay in there until the basement gets finished as the phone and modem are plugged into that cable outlet and really we just have no where else to place it!! Our house will continue to be a disaster until this damn basement gets finished!

Here is Kyle painting
painting baby room

I found a bookshelf/toy chest on craigslist a while ago. It was multi-colored. One side was blue, one red, one yellow and I really just didn't like the color. So we decided to paint it brown to match the furniture. Since it was particle board stuff, paint wasn't going to stick to it very well so we had to spray paint it. We primed it first, then sprayed a nice solid coat on it.
painting toy chest

I also wanted the front little doors to be magnetic so I got some magnetic paint and coated those up.
magnetic doors

That evening once, the paint had dried a few hours we got some of the furniture that was crowding up our dining room moved in. We assembled the crib, SQUEE!
crib assembly

The next day I laid the rug down after I did the minor touch ups to the paint.
baby room progress

As you see we have a crib, rocking chair, and toy chest... all great craigslist finds!!!!

A while ago Kyle and I made some registries, more so as a check list of what we needed to get. So I've slowly been finding things on craigslist and marking them off our list. Well there were a few things from Target that are online only, so I just went ahead and ordered them with a 20% coupon I had. I got a light switch fixture, a crib sheet, and a little night light! Which arrived today!!!
skirt in package

So I got those all set up :-)
light switch cover crib skirt

Next up on the baby room to-do list is to install the closet door, get a dresser and night stand and slowly get the baby stuff organized and moved in. But of course the basement comes first so I can get the computer out of there.

Oh and on the topic of baby I should post my latest belly shot photo... although it's about 3 weeks behind.
belly timeline up to 27

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