Friday, September 16, 2011

Naval Gazing

I'd been thinking about getting down some of my random pregnancy thoughts, and am finally sitting down to do that. Although I'm not sure if I can remember all that I've been thinking... ahh lovely pregnancy brain. My brain hasn't been as 'holey' as it was a few months ago. I remember checking out at JoAnn's, probably mid July, and instead of hitting "Yes I accept this amount on my payment card" I hit "No I do not accept" not quite sure why because then I had to repeat the whole payment process, lol. That was probably the first big, clear as mud, moment of pregnancy swiss cheese brain. Followed by main drifting conversations, statements filled with "umms", and repeatedly retracing my steps trying to figure out what it was I was in the middle of doing.

A lot of people have been asking me lately if I'm nesting... truth is I've always been a go-go-go person, filling my time with projects, filling my husbands time with projects as well :-P So honestly lately I have had to force myself to sit down with my feet up and try and not go as much, which is killing me. Especially with how the house is a mess, but I'm kinda stuck until the basement is finished. I did manage to sit still long enough for a 30 minute TV show today (okay minus the commercials I fast forwarded through). Maybe I'm just getting the errand running out of the way, since when little baby boy comes I won't be able to just go-go whenever I please.

My belly continues to grow. It's amazing how life is created in a woman's belly! Kyle and I have noticed since around week 12 the little bump starting to form, where as the outside world has just started to notice the past month or so. I think I am clearly out of the stage of "is she fat or is she pregnant" Although to Kyle and I it was always clear I was pregnant, I don't know any pudgy bellies that feel this HARD! I still get the "How far are you?" "7 months" "REALLY! You're tiny" Yes thank you! What the hell is that suppose to mean? Luckily I haven't been getting any crazy strangers wanting to touch my belly, I might freak out if that were to happen. But I do get plenty of friends and co-workers copping a feel. Which I'm fine with, I'm happy to share in the miracle of life. I enjoy feeling him bounce, kick, jab, twirl, and spin all day - and I love being able to share that with people, that is when he's willing to perform. Somehow he knows, he knows when people are watching my belly waiting to see him move, or if a hand he isn't familiar with is resting there. He used to do this for his daddy, anytime Kyle would put his hand on my belly he'd stop all movement, lol. Now he's used to Kyle and doesn't let that stop him from his 'bed making' we call it. When Harpo is trying to make his bed for the night he will turn, turn, kick, and paw at the spot he is about to lay down in, for a good minute before he finally lays down - he's making his bed. We've thus decided this is what baby boy is trying to do inside sometimes when he is just twirling and going to town, lol. The past few months I was mainly feeling him when I would sit still, or late at night or around the time I went into work. The past week it's been NON-STOP, lol. I'll be walking into the grocery store and he'll be fluttering along. Oh, he LOVES church! He loves the praise and worship time and just dances away in my belly!! Also the past month he's been easier to spot just by looking at my belly, which we (kyle and I) almost find more entertaining that feeling him. My belly will move in waves as he's turning or kicking or punching. I wish I could see what he was up to in there, it's pretty cool.

Although even with all this fun belly movement, I just CAN'T wait to meet him!!! And hold him! And for Harpo to meet him! I know Harpo knows he's in there because he also loves feeling his kicks. Harpo will just lay on my belly and it won't even phase him to feel baby boy massaging his neck, lol.
Harpo on belly

I have been lucky enough to not have any sickness at all during this pregnancy :-) For about a week in July I was getting 2-4 hour headaches once a day, but that didn't last too long. I never really 'felt' pregnant until this belly started getting in the way. But still then I only had a few nights of uncomfortable sleep before my body adjusted and I felt like myself again. Oh there is the heart burn! I guess that has been the one thing that I've never had to deal with before and is quite annoying now. I just have tums everywhere, although it goes away as fast as it comes on so sometimes Tums aren't even necessary. Or I'll just have a glass of milk to help it subside.

I also have a lot of people asking if we've thought of names yet. Yes we have, and we have one picked out but we are choosing not to share it until he is here :-) Although the closer his estimated arrival approaches the more excited I am to share :-P

I think that's all for my naval gazing recap, my brain waves have just encountered a patch of swiss cheese and I can't think of much else to write, hee hee.

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