Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Basement Update: CARPET!!!!

We have CARPET! YIPEE!!!

The carpet guy came and installed it today. Last week, after the dry-core was laid we noticed a little bit of a problem...
Sept14_11 uneven drycore tile
(sorry so blurry, this was with my phone)

The dry-core sat up a lot higher than the tile, then with the pad (the thickest one, mind you), and the carpet it was looking to be a LOT higher than the tile. I called the installers last week to give them a heads up so they could be prepared when they arrived today. Well of course I didn't really hear back from them, but luckily Andy (my contractor) and his main man Robert stayed around to meet with the carpet guy to workout a plan prior to the start of install. So this morning they figured something out, right now there is no transition piece, which is what we were hoping for. We originally just wanted the carpet to but up against the tile, but the dry core was posing a problem. I think it looks fine now, but I'll see what Andy thinks and we might end up using a transition piece even though we were trying to avoid that.

Anyway so here is the pad installed:
Sept20_11 carpet pad

Sept20_11 carpet pad 2

Their fix was to have Robert cut an inch or so back from the dry-core and lay just a little piece of wood there so it gradually goes down to the tile and the carpet guy and just do a turnover tack on the carpet:
Sept20_11 carpet pad close up 3

HERE is our CARPET! Isn't it beautiful :-)
Sept20_11 carpet 4

Sept20_11 carpet 5

Sept20_11 carpet 6

It's going to look even better with trim around the base.

Home stretch!! We have just a handful (or two) of things left to get finished.

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