Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Week 14 out of 52

Here's another week!! And just a brief update on our dining room... so the goal of completing is by Thanksgiving is a flop. We were close to getting it done, we started on the crown molding last night and we learned a lot... meaning we are starting over and going at it a different way. So the molding will continue after the turkey weekend.... I have faith it'll be done the next free weekend we have. So until then, there won't be any dining room before and afters.

Okay without further ado, here is week numero catorce.
Week 14 blogsize

#92: Vikings game: We got tickets from Kyle's bosses to attend the Vikings vs. Detroit game. Minnesota won!!!

#93: Student ID: It's official, Kyle is going back to school. Student ID in hand and all! Sweet now we can get student discounts again!!!

#94: Painted Wall: We completed our dining room painting this day!! What a relief we ended up putting about 3 and a half coats on. We were low on paint Sunday, so we went back to get a quart. Well that wasn't enough, so I went back Monday and got another quart to touch up some spots. FINALLY it's complete... the paint that is, that leave the trim.

#95: My Next Gen Student at PRISM: For our monthly service environment for Next Gen Mentor program, we went to PRISM, a non-profit program that helps those in need... we helped out organizing their food shelf.

#96: Clean Floors: Before putting the trim on I wanted to get down and clean the floors REAL good! I had searched and searched the Internet looking for a good method of cleaning hardwood floors and came across a fun little solution involving vinegar, water, and vegetable oil... but not ALL together ;-) I think it did a GREAT job. And I love using el natural products.

#97: Harpo's nose: I just love him and his little black nose!!!

#98: PDubs appearance at MoA: Ree Drummond, aka the Pioneer Woman, came to Mall of America to do a book signing for her new cookbook. I stood in line for 5 and a half hours to get my picture with her, and get my book signed (oh and a book for my new mommie friend: Ella! she she was at home with her week old daughter)

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