Friday, November 20, 2009

Clean Floors!

096 clean floors

Before we get the trim put in, I wanted to make sure and give the perimeter of the floor a good cleaning. I searched online looking for the best ways to clean a hardwood floor and found a lot of helpful ideas.

The idea I ended up going with, and happy I did, was to use ALL natural products! Can't beat that!!

  • I first wiped (on my hands and knees with a rag) down the floor with a water and vinegar solution (1 gal of water with 1/2-1 cup vinegar), wow did this get some dirt and grime up.
  • Then I went back over it (yes again, with rag in hand) with a clear water solution, this also got a little more of the gunk up. 
  • After that I went over it a THIRD time (again back down on the floor) with a solution of vinegar and vegetable oil (equal parts vinegar and oil). Yeah you heard me right, but it ended up looking amazing! The oil helped to buff it up a bit and leave it with a shine. You can see the reflection of the door frame in the picture!!
I didn't get the middle of the room, but I'll get that once the trim is on and the furniture is moved back.

Oh and here's another peek at our 'New Penny' wall! Much better than straight out of the can... it de-oranged quite a bit. Pictures just don't give it justice. :-P

094 painted wall

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