Monday, November 9, 2009

Get ready for take off...

Our little mini-vacation to Chicago came rather quickly. It felt like it was just days ago when we scheduled our trip, back in September... but the past two months have just 'flown' by, ha ha, get it, flown and this post is about flying!  Okay maybe it's a lot funnier in my head than it really is.

early morning flight

We got up about 4:30, well that's when our alarm went off, I think we were stumbling downstairs a little closer to five. Yes, that was the first mistake, but luckily we made it to our plane... JUST IN TIME! It's not easy waking up that early.

But if I had to do it all over again, I would definitely choose to fly on a non-holiday-Thursday-early-morning... we had a whole row to ourselves! Which meant our aisle and middle seat became a window and middle seat, this made me very happy, and very shutter happy! I took over 80 pictures in the first hour of our trip... luckily I got a lot on the way there, since I wasn't near the window on the ride home.

Before taking off we had to get de-iced.
getting deiced

I guess this is what happens when you fly early in the morning.  Then I got to see our city!

Mlps chain of lakes

There's MINNEAPOLIS!  And remember me always talking about lakes we run around? Well this is a great picture to describe those to you. The bottom one is Lake Harriet, remember my early morning pictures? Well those were taken here. Then the one right to the north of that (moving UP the photo) is Lake Calhoun. We would run around this lake a lot because it is a perfect 5K, once around. Then right north of Calhoun is Lake of the Isles, a little funny shaped lake. Then there's Cedar Lake, a little to the left of Lake of the Isles, which we have ridden our bikes around a few times. Our house is just a few miles west of this picture.

The earth is so beautiful. And it's so amazing to see from above. I just loved how square the crops looked.

beautiful land

Then it happened!!!! My FIRST view of Chicago! I was so excited!!!!

skyline view from plane

I have to admit I was a little saddened by the size... I mean my favoritest city in the world is New York, but once I reasoned with myself that New York just can not be compared against, I started to develop a love for Chicago, that just grew as the weekend went on.

Oh wait, there's more....

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