Thursday, November 12, 2009

Chicago Nightlife

What trip wouldn't be complete without experiencing the local night life?
chi town nitelife

It really just started out as having nothing to do while waiting on a group of girls I was suppose to meet for dinner that were in town for the conference as well.  But we decided to make the most of our wait time and have a drink:
daisy chi nitelife

and play some pool, at this spunky little underground tavern called "Streeters". There was even a HUGE game of Jenga going on... it was a pretty fun place.
kyle playing pool

Then we met the gals for dinner. After dinner we proceeded to walk back to our hotel when we came across this friendly group of Canadians. Well they weren't all from Canada, there was a couple from Omaha with them. But we got to chatting with them, who were looking for a fun place to go. This conversation led us to a dueling piano bar called Howl at the Moon.
piano playing

I do have to admit, the Piano bar in Springfield, Missouri has done a good job, replicating the Chicago atmosphere. It was crazy there! I think our favorite was the woman with the mullet who would just NOT get off stage, lol.
Piano singing

That completes day two! Really there's just one more day to cover, since day three I was sitting inside for 10 hours...

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