Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Millenium Park

After the Navy Pier walk, we headed into Grant Park and over into Millenium Park (which is a corner of Grand Park)
millennium park

Not much crazy excitement, just a LOT of walking! But we did find the famous 'bean' we had heard about
DK bean cloud

favorite bldg and bean

And it was rather windy.
daisy windy

Then we walked and walked to find the Buckingham fountain.... but they had taken the water out already :-(
waterless fountain

Then we waited, we were waiting until 5:00 so we could get into the Art Institute for free. We spotted a lady feeding squirrels and went over and sat on the steps.
lady feeding squirrels

Then a squirrel came up to us, looking for food. I couldn't believe how close this squirrel came. If I stuck my hand out he would be able to gnaw my fingers off!!
super close squirrel

Then we went to the art museum.
art institvte

kyle art institvte

Then it was time to head back home, our feet were KILLING us. We had Chicago style pizza for dinner at a place called Giordano's.
giordanos pizza

pizza maker

MMmmm it was SOOOoooo good!
stuffed pizza

That's day one...

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