Monday, November 16, 2009

Project 365 continues... week 13

Funny how this past week ALSO fell on a Friday the 13th!! Doodoo do do doodoo do do (that's the twilight zone by the way)

Well I'm almost to picture 100!!! This week was 85-91...
Week 13 blogsize

85- Chicago building bokeh: I recently got a new lens that has a WIDE aperture, making it possible for me to catch such lovely bokeh (blur in the background). I just LOVE LOVE l.o.v.e. it!!!! Oh yeah, this was shot in Chicago, but if you've been following my blogs at all you already heard all about it :-)

86- Evening sunset: Can you believe it is already getting dark when it's time to go home from work? I was on my usual route home, when I was driving into this! It was too beautiful to pass up. Luckily I snapped a shot with my camera phone because I didn't end up taking any other pictures, that day. Phew, that was a close one - heaven forbid I miss a day ;-) Camera phones count, right?

87- Twentieth Century: One night, okay most nights, we lie in bed looking at our phones before falling asleep. I thought what a funny picture of the day it would be so I waited for a day when I hadn't taken a picture of anything else and thought "this would be a good day to get our 'before bed routine' shot" so I set up the tripod and got in position.

88- Patchwork: Since we had to cut a whole in the wall to get the line through for the ceiling light... that meant we had to patch it. After watching some YouTube videos I ran to Home Depot to get the needed supplies and presto! hold-be-gone!

89- bagged leaves: If you wait long enough to bag up the leaves, you'll only have to do it once. But in the meantime we were the 'slacker house' since everyone else had cleaned their leaves up but us. I used our new mower and bagged them with that then transferred them to the bags... MUCH easier than raking!

90- brave painter: In our 'dining room makeover' we are painting it as well. This is called 'New Penny' I'm not quite sure if this is the color we had in mind when thinking up colors for the dining room... but it's what we ended up with - so it will have to do.

91- mother's love: I did a photo shoot this day, with this cute family: mom, dad and baby. For the baby's six month photos. I really learned a lot and I think I ended up with some pretty good shots. Every time I would open up another photo to edit, I would get a huge smile on my face from how cute this little girl was!!! She was so easy going and the session helped me learn more about shooting a portraits.

Thanks for reading!

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