Thursday, November 12, 2009

A brief update - Week 12

I briefly interrupt your regular scheduled Chicago recap... to bring you my weekly Project 365 post...
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the Moon: It's the moon! What else explanation does it need? lol

Frosty leaves: The frost was beautiful this morning, these are my strawberry leaves.

Harpo's fear: Okay... here's the story! So we got Harpo this new water bowl about 6 months ago, he drank out of it just fine... until it was time to refill (it has a tank on the top - just like his other one, but this one is bigger) *Blurp, Blurp* Harpo runs away in fear and refusing to even walk close to it. SOOO being the nice mother I am I took the tank away, and he started to drink out of it again. Fast Forward a few more months, I bring the tank back out hoping he'll get over his fear because I don't like the dust bunnies that collect on the standing water. NOPE, he is NOT having any part in it!! He won't even WALK by it, which means I have to push him, or carry him through the kitchen door to the rest of the house. SOOO long story leading up to this picture, I tried to lead him there with treats. He did eat a few, but stopped at the 6th treat out. Right now the tank is in place, but I have set out another water dish so at least he'll get some fluids. Oh how I wish he would just overcome his fear!

Early Morning Flight: Rise and Shine... time to fly to Chicago! We booked a super early morning flight so we would have the WHOLE day to explore Chicago, boy did our FEET love us for that decision ;-) But at least we got to see a beautiful sunrise while sitting on the tar-mat.

Removing Trim: As we continue to finish our dining room, the trim comes off!!

Install ceiling light - Check!
Remove trim - Check!
Paint window and door trim - Check!
To do:
patch hole and nail holes,
get rug,
install base trim,
install crown molding,
clean hardwood floor,
move furniture back in room.

City of Chicago: While in Chicago we got to experience the magnificent views from the John Hancock Observatory. It was breathtaking, especially at sunset. My heart is in Chicago :-)

Child Life Conference: The whole REASON we went to Chicago was for a Child Life conference I had Saturday (and Sunday). Saturday I was sitting in workshops for 10 hours!!! Yes, very depressing, especially when everyone kept saying how it was an unusual beautiful Chicago fall day... I think they were trying to rub it in a bit!!!

Okay back to our Chicago trip....

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