Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Day two of our Chicago Adventure!

fitness gym view
Friday morning we woke up, very ambitious... and headed to the hotel gym to burn off that stuffed pizza we ate the night before and all the expensive coffee we continued to consume all weekend :-P

hotel fitness center
Funny how I can't get myself to workout at home, but we packed clothes and brought them all this way to workout, so I wasn't going to let those clothes be unused. I mean we strategically placed them all so it would fit in two carry on bags!!! So those clothes were GOING to get used... unfortunately it was only once.

After the workout and shower, we headed out to explore the city again!! We hoped on the red line subway to go south a few miles.


We stopped and had a mini-breakfast at Starbucks and headed to the field museum!

field museum

This was Kyle's favorite part!
field museum inside

We saw lots of stuffed animals,
fuzzie bear

the most complete T-Rex in the world, her name was Sue.
sue rex
(btw, that isn't her real head, her real head is on display elsewhere, but since it weighs 600 lbs, they had to use a fake head to put on the body)
a HUGE Mayan Calendar (remember, we got a little one of these on our honeymoon)
kyle big mayan calendar

and lots and lots of other cool natural history things.

daisy chicago

Even though our feet were sore from the day before, we did walk a little along the water, and cross through Grant Park, to Michigan Ave.
inside field museum view pano

Then we hopped on a bus and headed north to hit the John Hancock Observatory... but you've already seen those photos ;-)

john hancock building

Not too much left, thanks for hanging in there with me. It takes a while to get these all uploaded and posted :-)

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