Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Second half of May recap

This spring the girls have been attending Lego Robotics before school. It's a part of the GISE/GEMS (guys in Science & Engineering, Girls in Engineering, Mathematics, and Science). On May 18th they had their final class and exhibition time. Parents were encouraged to come see what they'd been working on. 

This was also the day of the Spring Picnic. I did the yearbook for our elementary this year, and deadline was passed so it was nice not having pressure to capture moments :-) 

Thomas loves legos

Many of days I have walked with various classes as a chaperone to the school forest. So blessed to have this close to home/school. 

May 20th Saturday I picked up our race packets, Isaac and I running a 5K on Sunday.

Saturday baseball and garage cleaning. 

Sunday we had our run (blog post link above), Mary had 2 or 3 lacrosse games, then Isaac had a baseball game. Oh and Thomas had a birthday party to attend. Quite the day but start of how our weekends were going to look from here on out. 

Someone took these pics of the girls at the game. Mary has her ears taped since she can't take her new piercings out. 

We all met up at Isaac's baseball game. 

Boys were hot and tired in this break here. They all collapsed in the grass, lol. 

The day was not over. We went and had dinner with some friends that also have a son that plays baseball. And even still.... we took a walk down to the lake for some fishing per Mary's request. It was a FULL SUNDAY!

All the geese babies!!

Lilacs are smelling amazing this time of year. So many bunnies in our backyard! 

Spotted this huge woodpecker on a trail run on Tuesday. 

Then a friend came over and we got the paddle boards out for the first time this season! Summer is official.

So fun I now have a goal to get out at least once a week!

Girls on the Run, baseball... that's our typical evenings this month. 

Yearbooks arrived! Got them distributed. Pretty proud of all the work and time I poured into this. 

I got out again on the board Thursday of that week, May 25th. 

Baby wood ducks!

Girls had a music thing at school this day. Again, glad I don't have to worry about capturing photos for the yearbook, :-) 

Had to reshape a group photo Thursday when everyone was present. 

Friday night bike to Sebastian joes Ice cream!

Which brings us into Memorial Day weekend. We finally didn't have activities planned! So we took a day trip up to the north shore. I'll blog about that in the next post. 

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