Wednesday, June 14, 2023

June 4th - 9th

Sunday Thomas had a game. Isaac had one too earlier in the morning that we all attended. So by the time it was Thomas's turn the other kids were all hot and tired so I took them home and Kyle and Thomas went to his game. I was kicking myself because it was against a team that had one of my besties and I missed getting to visit with her. But Kyle got this sweet photo of him and Thomas: Lance batting and Thomas catching. I was searching for a photo of them as babies (they are born about a month apart) I couldn't find it but of course this photo popped up a day later in my time hop <3


Sunday evening we took a forest walk to look at the kids art rocks before they were picked up that day (or next). We found Emma's and Isaac's but we couldn't locate Mary's (which she did bring home I'll go grab a pic to put at the end of this)

Isaac was not a fan of me taking his photo, lol.

Saw a few busy worker bees walking home from the forest. 

As I mentioned a few posts ago I signed up for a triathlon at the end of August, longer than other's I've completed so a little nervous, but getting in that training time. 

And Monday's I volunteer in the lunchroom : 3 shifts 11:30 kindergarten I see Thomas, following is 3rd grade lunch I get to see the girls then I stay til 1:45 and help with 4th/5th grade lunch to see Isaac. I used to do Wednesdays same shifts but had to drop that when I picked up the Wednesday shift at work. A good neighbor friend had a freak thing happen with her son and was no longer able to do the Monday shift (she also has four kids - 3 at our elementary school and worked all the shifts) so it really worked out because I missed those few week I wasn't in the lunchroom. Anyway all that to say here's Thomas at lunch, they were celebrating July birthdays this day so he got a birthday ribbon and crown. 

Tuesday, my first LONG ride in a really long time. Gotta listen to something better next time cuz the book I was listening to was a drag and made this ride not so fun. 

Tuesday afternoon I had the opportunity to walk with the 5th grade classes to the Sculpture Garden. It's about a thirty minute walk from school. I wasn't too thrilled to do this cuz I was tired and after a full year of volunteering I was feeling the need for a break. But I reminded myself I'll miss this and Isaac will be in Middle School next year when the volunteer opportunities diminish... so I sucked it up and went and I'm sooo glad I did. Had ag read time and really loved walking around the sculpture garden. We should totally go there more often it's SO close to our house! 

Once we got to the garden the teachers divided all the students up into smaller groups amongst the 10 or so parent volunteers. I had 7 boys including Isaac in my group. 

The walk there was pleasant, the walk back it was starting to get warm. And we had a creeper follow us from the park which was weird and thankful we had big strong dad's along that took care of it and got the school's security notified. 

Few things from home: Cute bunny in the window! We have had so many buddies in the yard they are a joy to watch. And journals I made for teachers this year as appreciation gifts. 

Wednesday, June 7th, soccer for Emma, boys in tow while Kyle took Mary to her lacrosse practice. Emma is really good at soccer, it's fun to watch her play.

In addition to my Wednesday work shift in radiology I also picked up Thursday and Friday, so full days. Friday morning I got up early for a run before work. 

Caught sight of this muskrat crossing the lake, even got a selfie with it :-) 


Beautiful, beautiful morning, despite the haze of poor air quality. 

Friday, Thomas had a field trip to Como zoo. I wasn't able to go since I was working but a neighbor sent me these photos of him while there <3

Emma brought home this fun award! Proud of her, she's becoming quite the reader. 

Friday evening was St. Louis Park Little League night at the Saints game. They had an on field time before the game... but we didn't make it and decided dinner was more important. We ate at this fun place in the Union Depot (train station) over in St. Paul just across from the new Saint's CHS Field. 


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