Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Day trip to North Shore: May 27th

First stop was in Two Harbors to pick up a few items from the grocery store for our lunch picnic. We stopped at a pull of point to do a little agate searching. Kids enjoyed climbing on the rocks and throwing rocks into the water. I flew my drone. The water was so calm. 

Family photo. 

We hopped back into the van and made our way up to Gooseberry State Park where we had our picnic lunch. 

We drove back up to the parking for the falls. Where I discovered no drones allowed. I was hoping to get a shot over the falls... but maybe next time when I can do it from somewhere other than the falls themselves. The kids enjoyed running around on the rocks. And Kyle and I were reminded why this is n't our favorite place... it's always crowded. 

Moving on up the shore, next stop was Split Rock Lighthouse. Since we're historical society members we wanted to take advantage of going into the lighthouse while we were there. 

What north shore trip is complete without a trip to BETTY'S PIES!

We started to work our way back south with a stop in Duluth for dinner. And more time to fly my drone. Disappointed that Split Rock also had signs about no drones. I think if we would have went some where other than the light house itself I could have flown it to get a nice show of the light house. Next time. 

We had dinner at Grandma's... which we're making mental note to eat somewhere else next time, not good food.

Super fun day trip! We love the north shore!


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