Wednesday, June 14, 2023

5th Grade Completion

Finishing kindergarten one day and fifth grade the next. 

Muskrat spotting on my morning run :-) 

Isaac has his 5th grade completion ceremony on Wednesday June 14th. As you can tell from the air... the air quality is pretty poor right now here due to the forest fires in Canada. Tonights sporting events were cancelled because of it. 

I was having a hard time catching my breath during the ceremony and I wasn't sure if it was because my legs were killing me from my run, maybe I was still out of breath from the run, and we were standing the entire time. Probably a combination of all of that mixed with the air quality. 

It's been a challenging few years with a move, covid, and returning to school as a somewhat 'new kid'. I know he was happy to be back to Kenwood and finish out 5th grade here but that didn't mean it was an easy year for him. I'm proud of him for being resilient through change, giving school his best effort, and being an overall good kid. He's going to go far in life and I'm excited for his next chapter. 

K is for cookie :-P haha 


And for old times sake... here's his end of Kindergarten photo :-) 

(NO WAY! I just noticed Thomas wore the SAME shorts yesterday for his kinder celebration that Isaac is wearing above in HIS kinder celebration, haha!)

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