Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Girls turn NINE!

Last moment of being 8: 

We had a busy day planned. Their birthday was on a Wednesday which is also the day I go into work. They were up early enough to get in a present opening before I headed to work:

Immediately after school I picked them up and we headed to appointments to get their EARS PIERCED! 

Mary wanted to go first. 

Then we picked up punch pizza and brought it home to eat before our evening activities (which included gymnastics, a lacrosse game, and getting Isaac to baseball practice)

The downtime at home before the sporting events was perfect. 

I took Mary to her lacrosse game, while Kyle got Emma to gymnastics then later joined us at the game. 

We celebrated with ice cream drum sticks after the game. 

They had a small sleepover for their party that weekend. Saturday two friends came over and we went bowling. Isaac had a friend join as well. It worked out perfectly that another neighbor invited Thomas over to play so he had someone to play with at the same time. 


No one wanted anything to eat at Punch Bowl Social so we went to Red Cow for dinner. 

Then home for ice cream cake. 

They had a fun time with their first sleepover. Girls were picked up early the next day, which was Mother's Day. 

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