Wednesday, June 14, 2023

June 1st and 3rd craziness

We started off June with the girls' well child visit for their 9th birthday. Clean bill of health, good vision and hearing, no shots at this time. Our pediatrician moved from our closer office so we checked out this location for the first time, NICE building!

Finishing up Girls on the Run and more baseball!

Isaac pitched this evening for one inning. June 1st. 

Saturday was a CRAZY day. (I skipped over our GOTR 5K which I'll blog about separately, but Thomas had a baseball game that Friday night June 2nd so we divided and conquered) 

Saturday morning Kyle and Mary headed out about 6:45am for her lacrosse tournament in Orno (30 minutes away! She had three games that day). I dropped Isaac off at baseball practice for donuts and dingers at 8:30 then planned for him to go home with a friend after since timing was tight to pick him up. Finally, I dropped Thomas off at a neighbors to catch a ride to a birthday party so I could get Emma to soccer! Phew it was a crazy morning but we survived. 

Emma and I spotted this snapping turtle crossing the road as we approached the soccer fields. 


Kyle and Mary ran into drama out at the lacrosse fields. The first ref didn't let her and another girl play because of their earrings. The other girl had hers newly pieced just a few days earlier and Mary's are still new enough we didn't want to take them out. Other refs have allowed them to put tape on their ears. So first game she sat out and played on the side line. Second game, different rep, another mom tried to cover their ears with their hair and Mary got to play goalie this game. Third game (maybe it was because they were losing so bad and clearly weren't going to win this tournament) both girls got to play as usually. It was getting warm and Mary was tired so in the end it was prob nice she only played two games. 

I decided we should celebrate the day of crazy all before 1:00 by picking up bogart's doughnuts! It is national doughnut day anyway. 

The day was not over. After a little bit of rest, Emma and I hopped on the paddle board to paddle over to the opposite side of the lake to witness the 'pencil sharpening' of the LOTI pencil (LOTI = Lake of the Isles)

The water was sooooo smooth. 

Emma wanted to hop in. 

That evening Kyle was given tickets to join some customers of Cargill in a skyline box at Target Field. Fancy fun and a great experience. 

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