Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Saturday June 10th - Tuesday

Saturday wasn't quite as crazy as the previous weekend. I was taking a rest day so decided to squeeze in a walk before taking Emma to her soccer. 


After Emma's soccer skills practice we hit Costco then met the family at Thomas's baseball game with Costco lunch. 

In Rookie ball they get pitches from a 'machine' it's more like a sling shot device. They get three balls from that and if they don't get a hit then they get to hit off the tee. There are no outs so batting just goes through the line up and all kids get to run the bases, last batter obviously getting a home run so they can run in. No score it taken, but it's great they get to play and learn the rules of the game. 

Thomas as catcher: 

Thomas was hitting pretty well at the start of the season and has starting to define as we go... Kyle said they are all clearly ready for a break. lol

Saturday afternoon was our neighborhood beach opener. We got all ready to head to the beach and then there was a DOWN POUR so we stayed home inside watching the rain. It cleared up eventually so we walked down (without the beach gear). Thomas and Mary still got in the water, it was fun to see some neighbors and honestly the storm kept the rift-raft out of the beach area so it truly was JUST neighbors with families. 

Sunday was baseball, I worked the concession stand during Isaac's game. Then in the afternoon the girls attended a birthday party and that evening Isaac got to do his golf camp which is Sundays in June although the first week was cancelled due to heat. 

Monday night we took the kids to Sushi Train. Kyle and I checked it out for lunch one day. It's not the BEST sushi in town, but it is a fun experience and the kids had fun picking what they wanted off the conveyor belt. Then Monday evening was a lacrosse game, baseball practice, and Emma had a soccer game. 

Tuesday I had a better bike ride, rode the lakes :-) 

It was also Thomas's Kinder celebration: view HERE.

And Tuesday night the Saints came to visit Isaac's little league game. It was so fun having them there announcing and putting on activities between each inning. As you can see Emma had fun participating in musical chairs. Isaac also pitched two innings. I didn't get a photo, not sure if the videos will come through. 

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