Wednesday, June 14, 2023

GOTR Final Celebration and 5K

The 5K was on Friday evening this season (June 2nd) which gave us the opportunity to have a final celebration party. We usually meet Tue/Thur for practice but most of the girls were able to stay after on Friday for Jimmy Johns and crafts while we wait for the time to head over to the state fair grounds for the big 5K. 


The girls and I made it to the fair just as we heard an announcement that we needed to head to the grand stand to get under cover due to thunder and an impeding storm approaching. This was a bummer but we made the most of it and allowed the girls to spend some more time together as a team before splitting up out on the run. 


After about a thirty minute delay we were called back to our meeting points to get ready for the waves to start. Due to the time crunch and still possibility of rain, they shorted the 5K course to 2 miles. Still a super fun time!!

Emily ran with Mary again, said she was much smoother and not quite so sprint/walk :-) 



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