Tuesday, June 6, 2023

2023 City Trail Loppet 5K

 May 21st Isaac and I ran the Loppet (pronounced LOW-pet)  trail run - the 5K. There's a 10 mile, 10K and a short run/hike we choose. It was about just a year ago when he ran the 5K in wichita and was wanting to do that again. He only trained with me once, so he did pretty good for as little training that took place. It was a run from the trailhead (where we spent the winter cross country skiing) to the downtown sculpture garden. We rode our bikes to the sculpture garden that morning to catch the shuttle to the start line. 

Our start time wasn't til 10:30 so it was starting to get warm. Kyle had the other kids at a lacrosse tournament for Mary. 

Part of the run was nice and shady in the woods... the other part was in the hot sun. 


Hit the goals Isaac had set: under 35 minutes and we didn't walk til we had made it to a mile and a half. 

I had to redeem my beer ticket. I usually pass on these things but since I passed on my last utepils ticket I felt obligated to finally try it. Isaac got to redeem his beer ticket for root beer. 

Here are our photos from the organization.
You can see here at the end Isaac saying "see ya!" and sprinting ahead of me to get a faster finish time, lol. 

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