Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Races - Running (Half & 5K)

Kyle ran his half marathon on July 4th. We got up early to take him and then went to a few spots to cheer him on. This was at about the 3 or 4 mile I think. 

Mary colored a few signs for him.

Made it to the finish! Isaac got to do a donut eating contest. He was dealing with a loose front tooth that was just hanging on by a thread so he said eating the donut was painful.

While at the race Kyle and I signed up for a race to do together the evening of the 24th.

Our for lunch after the race:

We went down to the beach later that day or maybe it was the next day, I can't remember.

 This huge swan showed up, haha

Isaac lost his tooth the next day. Oh it was the 4th still when we went to the beach because I worked the day of the 5th. They came to visit me for lunch at work.

July 24th

We got a sitter and went downtown for the Torchlight run. It was super fun!! We had to park forever away and we were running behind for the bag check so we ended up running about a mile to make it in time to drop off a bag with stuff we wanted after the race. I think that warm up really worked in our favor because we both had great runs! 

So many people! It's crazy that we all paid money to run together at this specific time when it's really something we could just do on our own for free haha. But it's fun to do races.

Our official finishing times:

Pretty proud I ran a 5K in the 28 minute category! I've never ran it that fast before.

We stayed for the little party on Boom Island after the race. We got two free beers. The post-race food was pizza which I was in no mood for. We had to wait in a super long line for ID check.

It's the start of Minneapolis' Aquatennial, so there was a cool sky show.

They were suppose to have shuttles to take us from boom island back to the convention center which is somewhat near where our car was parked. Well there was crazy lines for the shuttles and no shuttle in sight... so we started walking. We were hopefully to find a set of scooters to take back to the car, but by the time we got downtown near some it was 10pm and they SHUT THEM OFF at 10! We couldn't believe it!! So we ended up walking OVER AN HOUR back to our car! Wow were our legs DEAD after that!

Beautiful views of the city at night though, I'm not complaining. I love this city!

We both got mugs at the half marathon for signing up, they are thick sturdy mugs too! And I engraved our medals :-) 

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