Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Bike & Brewery Tour August 10th

Last spring we purchased a get together through our girls' preschool silent auction fundraiser. The date was set for August 10th. Then around May I signed up for a triathlon... which was to take place August 11th... yeah not great planning on my part, lol. The plan was to participate in the bike and brewery tour anyway and just take it easy on my legs and alcohol consumption, lol. 

Well the day arrived and it was rainy and yucky. There was talk of postponing the whole thing all together but future dates weren't looking good for all so it happened anyway. I didn't want to ride in the rain and get my bike all gunky the day before my race so our solution was for me to drive from brewery to brewery following along as Kyle rode with the rest of the crowd. The bike rack was already on the car so if Kyle needed a lift we were prepared. 

Here's the group on the way to the first brewery, they went through Loring Park. They were mostly dry, it sprinkled lightly on them. They left from Cedar Lake Beach which is right near our house. 

Here we are at the first stop Pryes Brewing Company

It was actually quite nice because I arrived in the car way ahead of them so I spent that quiet time in the car studying for my Group Fitness Instruction Certification test (which I passed by the way! Just took it last Friday).

Next we went to Dangerous Man Brewery, had some food at the food truck. This brewery was quite small and POPULAR! I couldn't believe how crowded these brewery's were in the middle of a Saturday. They must not have kids, lol. Cuz all of us had to find sitters to do this.

Next and final stop was Indeed Brew Co. While there it started raining pretty good. Pouring actually. At this point Kyle decided to hitch his bike up to the car and catch a ride with me on the way back, while the others rode home to relieve their babysitters. It down poured on us on the way back so I bed the bikers were soaked. So glad I decided to sit this one out and keep my bike clean and dry for the next morning's race.

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