Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Birthday Week August 12-16

Cute little Thomas! Such a smiley guy and loves his big bear

Had to get my driver's license renewed and of course because of my summer birthday means EVERYONE gets to come with me. They did great, played with their quiet books and it was too bad of a wait. 

So afterwards we hit up a coffee shop for pastry treats and they had games, it was fun playing together. 

Then we went to a nearby park to play. This one is just down the road from our house. 

The next day we hit up another park. This one is nicknamed the Ninja Warrior park. This was our first week of no camps or anything so getting in the parks we'd been wanting to hit up. 

Lunch stop at Jimmy Johns

Back to the park by our house for the afternoon. 

That night we took a family bike ride to dinner at New Bohemia. They had games there so made it a game night. 

Friday was my birthday. Kyle and I had a date night, ate dinner then rode scooters before hitting a comedy show. So glad I finally found someone to ride scooters with! I rode them when I was in Indianapolis by myself on Coach Summit but no one wanted to ride with me. We had a fun little ride along the river and back. 

The next day we needed to get Isaac new shoes for school. The girls, Thomas, and I waited in the van. The girls being goofs. 

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