Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Basketball Camp & Penny Carnival

Sweet Mary:

Library visit before I leave for coach summit for the week

Isaac is so close to losing his second front tooth!

The last couple of years we have done these amazing free soccer camps through the Sanneh Foundation. This year they added basketball and football. Isaac did the Basketball camp July 15th -18th. He really enjoyed it.

Thomas ready for me to change his diaper, haha. 

Playing at the park while Isaac was at camp.

Playing ball at home: 

He lost it!

Oh Thomas had a check up during that week. Just a little late, lol.

Wednesday we met our friends at the free concert at Wolfe park.

The park where Isaac had his basketball camp had a splash pad. Wednesday we were prepared with swimsuits and got to swim for a bit.

The last day of his camp was Thursday. Here he is coming back with extra snacks for his sisters, so cute! I picked up his friend Clinton on the way to get him and had a play date. We had our picnic lunch then played in the wade pool. They had a blast.

Friday of the week was the St. Louis Park Penny Carnival. We've been going almost every year. The kids love to gather all their pennies and have control over the activities they pay to do. Mainly just a way to get a bunch of crappy candy, but they have fun!

Hay ride around the parking lot. 

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