Monday, September 30, 2019

Minnesota State Fair 2019

We went to the State Fair on Monday August 26th. They were calling for rain, but it was really the only chance we had. Kyle took off work so we could go on a weekday. We were looking forward to this because last year we had to go on a weekend since Isaac's school started before labor day and it was so crowded. This year his school started the day after Labor Day which meant fair day could fall on a week day. We brought the two ponchos we had and were mentally prepared for rain. It was SOO nice having so much space on the streets. 

Stopped at the DNR area to see the fish:

Then the first stop was the Ye Old Mill ride. We discovered this last year and the kids remembered and loved it. It's a simple boat ride through the darkness with various windows of scenes set up. They had so much fun. I think they love how dark it is and kept saying "Are your eyes open? My eyes are open but I can't see anything" lol

This is literally pretty much the entire three minute ride, lol:

After the ride was mini-donuts and a donut latte for me!

Then we made our way to the giant slide. Isaac and Emma rode down together and Mary went by herself. 

Had some cheese curds then rode the slide one more time. This time Thomas came with me. 

Emma rode with a worker. She was short enough she needed a rider to go with but Mary was tall enough she could go on her own. 

Family selfie in the official selfie spot:

Next up was Little Farm Hands. A tradition to take the little ones, mainly for Thomas at this point.

Isaac didn't last long in the apron, but I got a photo of it! 

Sunflower for the Sunflower State...

Popped over to the PBS area before getting some Martha's cookies.

Isaac insisted on buying his own cookies instead of just sharing our bucket... 

Kyle got something... and now I can't even remember what this was. I do remember it was something that sounded a lot better than it actually was. 

This year they had an Angry Birds Exhibit with all sorts of games and puzzles and fun things in it. The kids got to do a zip line and knock down an angry bird set up at the bottom. 

Isaac and Mary spent a little time playing hockey in this rink:

Then Isaac did the Krazy Maze:

Next we did our annual stop into the Eco Building. The kids like filling out the bingo cards. 

The rain started while we were in the eco building. We went out to the Math Forest before it got too bad. 

Then it started to rain. We only had two ponchos... ended up being one poncho because what I thought was a poncho was a rain jacket. Kyle managed to talk someone into giving us four ponchos in the education building at Minnesota State both. So thankful cuz we really didn't want to spend $5 a piece for four fancy trash bags. It was fun to teach the kids about poncho use they have never seen or used them before. 

The yellow poncho we had brought with us went over the stroller for Thomas. 

Stopped in for Reuben Bites and Buffalo Bites. 

Made our way to the grandstand, was nice to be able to walk around without the ponchos on. Picked up this Halo Cone for the kids:

Went to some of the animal barns, this was the bada bing sandwhich (I think - it's been so long ago and I'm finally getting to this blog I have forgot some of the details, oops)

We were pretty much done, had seen all we wanted to see. Got a pickle and a 'Reuben pickle'. 

Isaac got some rootbeer. 

Last stop was the miracle of birth barn. 

Baby Piggies!

The rain had pretty much stopped once we got back to the van which was really nice because we could take off the wet ponchos and organize a bit before loading into the van. Another successful year at the State Fair. We'll miss it next year, but there is a Kansas State fair we are planning to attend. They do their after labor day so we'll have to figure out the school schedule. It's in Hutchinson, KS, which is about an hour or two drive from Wichita. 

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