Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I did some blog catching up yesterday, and I must have been so busy processing photos because I FORGOT to GET a PICTURE for the DAY! Oh NO! that was day two I have missed!!! :-(  boo hoo.
Besides that saddening news... here is week 40!
Week 40 blogsize

#274: Iowa Windmills: I just love passing through these fields of windmills on the north land of Iowa. Something about the repetitive spinning is relaxing.

#275: being goofy: Another one of those "it's 10:00pm and I haven't taken a picture yet, crap!" So I grabbed my camera phone and starting shooting things around me. The lighting was horrible because of our night lights reflecting off the cherry wood bed frame. I just had to use this one because Kyle makes me laugh. I told him not to make a funny face, then I get the phone back and look at this, we both start cracking up, LOL.

#276: Mallard: We walked along Lake Harriet this afternoon, lots of ducks out! This guy was hanging out with his girl in some mucky water.

#277: Newborn Shoot: This is my good friend and co-worker, Jolene's baby. He was a week old this day and just TOO adorable for words. I had been looking forward to this session for a while and feel so blessed that I have friends who support my passion and have faith in me to hire me as their newborn photographer :-) we had a blast getting some cute pictures of him!

#278: Velodrome bike track: We met this super nice couple through our church's newly married group. This is the husband of the couple, Craig. He's really into biking so we meet up with Jennie at the Velodrome to cheer him on! Of course it was a fun photo op for me too!

#279: Pedometer: A co-worker and I are leaders for our work site group in the Hennepin County's Step to It Challenge. The challenge is 4 weeks long and you record your steps each day to try and win prizes the county and cities award. When I was home a week or so ago, I remembered to grab this old McDonald's pedometer I had in a junk box. Remember back with McDonald's FIRST came out with salad's and was trying to market a healthy lifestyle? Well they also gave away pedometers with those expensive salads, lol. I got a new battery and this thing is as good as new! Of course I had just logged and reset this before I remembered I needed to get a picture for the day, haha.

#280: Puffy Dandelion: I really don't like dandelions growing in my yard, but when I saw these guys glistening in the sun, I knew i had to get some macro pictures before I yanked them out.

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