Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Week 39

Wow, I'm currently working on week 40 which means only TWELVE weeks left. This year has gone by fast. I'm kinda excited to be finished, it's getting to be a PITA, but it also keeps me out there taking pictures. I'm thinking I might try and do a Project 52, where I focus on getting out and taking pictures once a week, like a photo walk a week, or something 'creative' at least once a week. I don't think I want to do this everyday business again. or maybe I can just get back to blogging stories like I once did. Oh the possibilities...

Week 39 blogsize

#267: Happy Mother's Day: Today was a lazy day on the couch snuggling with my 'child': HARPO! Did you know? They have Mother's Day cards from dogs at the store... too bad Harpo didn't go out and get me one :-P

#268: Rainy day: Rainy, rainy day. This is our backyard/garage in the background.

#269: Missouri Road Trip: Driving to Missouri to visit my family, Harpo enjoyed sitting in the backseat right behind me. That or sitting in my lap, shhhh, I accidentally let him once which meant he kept coming back to sit there the entire ride back.

#270: Baby Feet: Alyson's baby toes are so cute! Her and Aliyah (my nieces) had matching sandals.

#271: Aliyah & Alyson: We went to Branson to hit some outlet malls. Here we are in Carters, they were having a blast with the lego table.

#272: Building a Jeep: Brad bought the girls a Barbie Jeep Powerwheel to kick off the summer. Aliyah had fun with her daddy as 'they' put it together :-)

#273: Brandi's Shower: My best friend from High School had a baby shower the weekend I was home, so I got to go! I knitted her baby girl a hat and we got a good visit in while I was there. It was good to see her again, can't believe she's gonna be a momma soon!

Happy Spring!

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