Monday, May 24, 2010

Wag, Walk, & Run 2010

This is the 3rd year I've participated in the Helping Paws: Wag, Walk, & Run 5K. Last year I wrote about it here. This year Kyle didn't run, but he went with me :-) And took pictures for me.
my team

These pictures just remind me how much I HATE having my picture taken... I think that's a common thread with photographers :-P we love taking pictures, but hate being the one in the photo. Oh well, I'll get over my dreaded feeling of seeing these and share them with you anyway. I just look like such a dork... like in this one:
i'm a dork

I've been keeping track of my running over on my workout blog. I actually wrote out my HRM stats here. But running a 5K is an every other day occurrence for me. But for this run I set a personal goal of wanting to run it in 30 minutes or less. Actually it was kind of ridiculous to set that goal, because my friend, Sally, and I usually run it in about 35 minutes, Saturday morning was our best time of 33:40. Last week when I was in Missouri I ran it in about 32 minutes... so I was still hopeful.  But I'm sad to say I didn't hit my goal. I think it all went wrong when I started off with an 8:30 minute first mile! What was I thinking? I think I wasn't, I was just running and it was exciting at the start. This caused me to be tired throughout the whole next two miles. But I kept pushing myself.
here we come

And I pushed myself right through the finish line, finishing with a time of 31:06, which is my best so far this year... just not what I was hoping for.
finish line

Besides being a super humid day, Harpo had a lot of fun!
post run Harpo

He also got to meet some of our friends and their new furbaby, Gilligan
sarah jer gil

We didn't stick around as long as we did the year before, we waited to hear the awards (the guy who won last year won again this year... surprise. With a finishing time of 18 minutes or something crazy like that!!!)

When we pulled up to our house, we arrived to see two ducks resting in our front yard!
ducks in our yard

It was pretty funny, they stayed there as I walked to our front door. Then Kyle let Harpo out of the jeep and Harpo chased them away, hee hee.

Happy Spring!

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