Sunday, May 9, 2010

My favorite thing about spring!

Are the BABY DUCKS and GOSLING'S!  Oh they are soooo cute!

A friend of mine and I have been running around Lake Calhoun every other morning for the past month. Well last  Monday I finally saw the first set of baby ducks!!  I had since seen them everyday of the run. So yesterday Kyle and I went back (after my morning run with Sally) so I could get some pictures of them. It was COLD! and windy!  That morning the mama had been sitting on her babies and I knew roughly where they were. So we got out and walked, about five minutes til we went far enough that I knew they weren't any farther. So we headed back to our parking spot (we are rather cold at this point) and we FIND them! Right in front of where we parked!!!!

They must have been hiding in the bush before, but at this point they were out for a swim and riding the waves.
duck family a float 2

duck family a float

Then they got on shore
duck family on shore

Then mom went back in the water
babies on shore

Then came back
mama comes back

I could have watched them all day... if it wasn't so cold!

We left just as it started to rain ice pellets and went about our day of errands. While leaving Home Depot, Kyle noticed a goose family in the nearby pond!! So of course I had to pull over and get some more pictures, baby ducks and baby geese all in one day! This was a wonderful day!!!!
goose family line up

baby gosling

There were two families in this pond
home depots two geese families

big geese family

I love the little yellow ones! :-)

Happy Spring!

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