Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Minnesota Zoo!

I talked about our first attempt at attending the zoo here... but luckily we DID make it back on Sunday afternoon. We started off going through the aquarium area.

This is a crazy looking sea horse!
sea horse




Then we sat and watched the bears for a bit.

This bear was so funny, he just kept swimming back and forth before this crowd of people.
bear swimming

A few animals later we came upon the Praire Dogs. They were so funny!
prairie dog

There were SOOOO many of them, and even little babies!
baby prairie dog

close up prairie dog

We saw camels and tigers

And a little swan family. Not sure which is the mother and the father. But one was resting on the nest while the other was with the first baby.
swan family

baby and daddy swan

The zoo people said this little guy hatched yesterday and there were a total of 6 eggs so there should be more coming soon.
baby swan

We saw lots and lots of birds. Here is the bald eagle:
bald eagle

Kyle even got to compare his own wingspan :-P
kyle's wing span

Lastly we went through this indoor exhibit. These otters were all sleeping, one was digging around for something on this other one's back, I think a few times he dug a little deep because he would show his teeth every once in a while.

reef sunbeams

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