Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Seeing my Nieces

Last weekend I went back to Missouri to visit family. My nieces are growing up so fast! And boy are they beautiful!!
DSC_0006  DSC_0069

We had lots of fun together!!

Boy could Alyson eat!!
Notice she liked to hook her toes on the edge of the high chair too cute! I couldn't even walk through the kitchen without her noticing me in there and running in to demand food, she is too funny!

Alyson also loved to poke fingers together:

Harpo had a good time too, although he's becoming an old fart and didn't play like he used to.
Funny how roles change, he used to be the playful puppy bothering Barkley. But now that Sadie is in the picture, she is the annoying puppy bothering Harpo!!

Brad got an espresso maker

So one morning we made some cappuccinos, boy were they strong!!  Aliyah got some too:
DSC_0237 DSC_0238 DSC_0239
Don't worry it wasn't the espresso part, just the milk and froth :-P

The girls also got a new Barbie Jeep for the summer and Brad had fun putting it together.
272 building a jeep
With the 'help' of Aliyah of course.

Aliyah LOVED sitting in it and playing
DSC_0220 70s
But when it came to driving it for the first time she was a little scared. She'll get used to it. :-)

They grow up so fast!!!


Anonymous said...

Good ole Missouri. I'm from SW MO myself.

Cute niece!!

Ali said...

What little sweethearts. I love your pics as always, Daisy.

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