Sunday, May 9, 2010

Saint's Game - Dog Day

Last Thursday I went to the annual St. Paul Saints Dog Day Baseball Game (they are the minor leauge team here). Since it was Thursday, Kyle had class, so I had talked a work friend of mine into going with me. She has a mini-schnauzer as well and I was excited for Harpo to meet Herbie.  Well Thursday she decided that the forcast of rain was enough to count her out. Luckily she gave me her tickets and I started calling around trying to find someone to go with me because I didn't want to go alone. Luckily my friend Michelle was excited to go and brought along her pooch Ruby (a lab, boxer mix) Ruby and Harpo had met before and they appeared to become better friends throughout the night. It was fun.

The night started with a PEANUT find! I was so excited!
Snoopy as 1939 St Paul Saint

We made it to our seats and Harpo was SOO happy!
happy harpo

It started off being a nice night... I was so certain the rain was going to stay away!
before the rain

Ruby was having a fun time too!... on guard and a little over stimulated, but I think she enjoyed the change of scenery.

Then it started to sprinkle, so we got our complimentary hot dogs and stood under the umbrella for a little bit. These guys had a more creative way of staying dry:
rain couple

We stuck it out a little longer
michelle and daisy
Before I was to the point of frozen, Michelle was smart to prepare by wearing long underwear and waterproof attire. I on the other hand was still in denial that it was going to rain on the ONE dog day at the saints game of the year! Pugh.

Happy Spring!

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