Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Week 37

I'm trying to get these posted earlier in the week like I used to. Sorry there hasn't been much else to blog about. I have been blogging over on my Running Blog, but there's really not much too exciting over there either. I've been busy with some behind the scenes stuff for my photography business as well as planning for this gallery I am involved with. My Photography Group is having a photo gallery at the end of June and also threw in a gallery that is NEXT weekend..!!! So we've all been busting our butts trying to get contracts together, a process set up, since this is our first group gallery show. Quite the headache and seems to take up my already limited free time. So with the business, the gallery, knitting baby hats for props (and a few thrown in for pregnant friends/family), trying to get back into shape and running, spending time with my husband and having somewhat of a social life with friends... there's not much time for anything else. Oh and giving Harpo some attention is thrown into that mix. I have been managing to get a picture in each day, and I can blog about that :-)
Week 37 blogsize

#253: knitted hat: Knit, knit, knit... Kyle thinks I'm getting faster. I actually finished this in one or two days, I can't remember when I started, but it didn't take very long. I'm knitting baby hats for my photography props :-)

#254: Jackson: This is Harpo's best friend: Jackson! Harpo and I went over to our friend Jill's house for dinner and a visit. She bought a new house last fall/winter and this is the first time we've seen it since she's moved in. We did come over a while ago but there was no furniture moved in yet.

#255: Lily of the Valley: These are my first lily of the valley in my front flower bed. We transplanted them last year from my boss's garden. I'm excited for them to bloom.

#256: Late Night Office: On March 20th we went to a friends surprise birthday party which was The Office themed. I was never really a fan of the office, so I had not really seen any episodes. Well after that party I wanted to see what the fuss was about. Kyle has been a fan of these shows for a while but hasn't watched them lately. So we got on our Netflix instant online stream and watched season's 1-5. This season (6) isn't available on Netflix but luckily we found a website that plays them. We are almost caught up to live air times.... yes in a month we watched five seasons, lol.

#257: Bedroom Window View: This is the view looking north of our house out of our half story window. Yes I was running out of ideas for my picture :-P

#258: Harpo: Oh little Harpo is such a great subject to shoot when I don't have any other ideas for my pictures of the day :-)

#259: Adirondack chairs: Saturday morning we met a group of friends at their house at 7 am, they had breakfast ready for us and we headed to 'The Festival of Garage Sales' at 8 am. It was a neighborhood not to far from where we live that has having a neighborhood garage sale. They were everywhere. Kyle and I ended up walking for four hours. We started the morning off with a list of things to look for, number one on our list were Adirondack chairs... and sure enough we found them!!! The best find of the day for us.

Happy Spring!

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