Monday, May 24, 2010

Ducks & Lake walking

mpls skyline lake
Last Tuesday, Kyle got out of work early for a dentist appointment. Okay wait, let me start sooner.

Tuesday afternoon I went to the library to pick up some items I had on hold. I always have to glance at the 'ticket' island that holds various passes to museums and attractions around the Twin Cities. There are about 10 things to choose from: MN History Center, Art Museums, etc.  Well the one I have had my eye on since we moved here has been the MN Zoo.  Admission is btwn $13 and $16 per person depending on the year. And if you can catch it available at the library you can check out the pass which is good for two admissions. This pass is ALWAYS checked out. But this day, when I looked, it was there! So I immediately grabbed it and checked it out. These passes have to be used within a week or they are no good, which got me thinking... "what was I thinking, we are packed with stuff going on this weekend!" But it was there and I couldn't pass up that opportunity.

Well since Kyle was at a dentist appointment we had a chance to go that evening. He gets out of his appt and I pick him up and we head the 45min (+, traffic was a nightmare) to Apple Valley where the zoo is located. (We have been to the Como Zoo before which is a different zoo, and free. But not he MN Zoo) We weren't sure where it was at so Kyle looked up directions and hours on his phone, luckily they were open til 6:00 or so we thought. It was about 3:30 when we left our neighborhood. The dentist is just right down the road. We get there to find that Sat & Sun they are open til 6, but M-F they are open til 4. Well crap!

So we head back home, but stop at Lake Harriet to walk around and enjoy some ice cream. Might as well make use of the beautiful day!

girl duck

Happy Spring!

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