Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Week 38

Week 38 blogsize

#260: Hostas: The hostas on the north side of our house really popped up after all our rain lately.

#261: Baby duck family in the water: On my Monday morning run I saw the first sign of baby ducks. On my way home from work I stopped at a lake to see if I could find any. Sure enough there was a family out in the middle of the pond, I was a little sad I couldn't get closer, but excited to see them!

#262: Rice Crispy Treat: Needed a photo of the day and I had a sweet tooth!

#263: After the rain sky: It's amazing how the sky can go from dark to blue in just a car ride home.

#264: Saints Game Dog Day: Thursday was Dog Day at the St. Paul Saints game (minor league). Harpo loves going new places!!

#265: Harpo's Bed: I am not sure how the pillow got there, but I came into the living room and saw Harpo laying in his bed with HIS head on the pillow while laying IN his bed, too funny!

#266: Calhoun duck family: Every morning of my run this week I would spot this little duck family. I had been meaning to go back after a run to get pictures. Saturday was finally a day I could go back to get pictures of them. Kyle was with me and I knew about where they were that morning, but it was two hours later. We walked for about ten minutes then turned around and headed back to where we had parked. We spotted the family out in the water RIGHT IN FRONT of where our car was located. They are so cute!

Happy Spring!

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Ali said...

Aren't hostas the best? They require minimal care, come back even bigger and more lush than the previous year and are gorgeous to look at.

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