Friday, November 5, 2021

October Miscellaneous

 First week of October the girls were invited to a birthday party at a painting studio. Unfortunately earlier that morning Emma got a tummy bug and had thrown up a few times so she didn't get to go :-( Mary went and had a really fun time painting a grumpy cat.

We tried to have some fun at home since Emma couldn't attend the party. We made toilet paper pumpkins to decorate for fall/halloween. 


Cute Thomas taking a nap. 

Pics from the school's facebook page. 

Mary and Isaac in the background of these photos:


Thursday October 7th was my first full morning in a LONG time so I decided to tackle a house project... only to get inturpted by a call from school to come pick up Isaac who had thrown up. But I did get the ceiling done! Plan is to paint this horrible colored space. Only the small bathroom and back entry way. The ceilings weren't white, but they are now. Then I'll paint the walls... eventually. Can NOT believe the price of paint right now! 

I also tried my hand at splitting up this plant and putting a small piece in another pot. So far both are thriving well. 

We FINALLY got someone to do some work we wanted to hire out. My neighbor recommended this plumber. I had wanted to change out the broken faucet and get a better shower head in while updating the look and changing faucet finishes. Turns out they don't make the two handled shower controls anymore. But the plumber was able to bust out the tile, reinstall a single handle shower control and tile it back with spare tiles we found in the attic and it looks amazing! So glad to finally have a project completed. Well almost complete, I need to get the drain switched out to match. I did change the towel racks in the room too, little face lift for the girls' bathroom. 
(our only tub in this five bathroom house... :-/ )
Before, during, after (the grout is wet in this photo, it did match perfectly once dried)


Grandma Judy sent a fun box of Halloween goodies, the girls are enjoying doing their new crafts

Another birthday party: October 23rd both girls got to go this time at a trampoline park (yes it was all boys I guess the other girls that were invited didn't come)

We made a trip to Spirit Halloween and I couldn't help but get a photo of Isaac on this because I had one of him on it in 2015! 

Now and 6 years ago :-D 

Thomas has been loving to play candy land lately. 

Our neighborhood goes ALL out for Halloween, UFO down the street and all. So the kids had been asking to get something for the yard. I ordered this *cough* 6 foot high vampire cat... yeah right, it was not even close to 6 foot. 

Thomas loves playing with his bestie: Rosti who lives two houses over. 

Thursday before halloween, COSTUME day for Thomas. And I had a challenge to dress up for the barre class I attend, I was buddy the elf :-) 


Wearing the space mask I made to go with his astronaut costume. 

Friday, Thomas didn't have preschool, so we joined our neighbors for a show of Click Clack BOO! by the Wichita Children's Theater

Also the kids dressed up for Friday (I'll post more in the halloween blog entry) But I got to volunteer in Emma's class for the party, I led the bingo station. It was fun to be there with her. 

Then the girls had a virtual concert. Sound didn't work so well but nice to see them. 

Colder weather means we can fire up the bonfire! 

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