Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Klausmeyer's Pumpkin Patch

 Sunday October 10th we took a family trip to a pumpkin patch about a half hour out of the city. It was so fun to be there, watching the kids play. I feel like it'd been a while since we'd done something like this. Love these brief happy moments when everyone is getting along, everyone is playing, no one is complaining about something. Of course it didn't last long, but we enjoyed it while it happened :-) 

Kids loved the big pillow, the corn pit

And the corn maze was a favorite. Although it wasn't corn, more of a tall weed, lol. 

We walked through the petting zoo to make our way over to the pig races before they started. 

Pig race was at 3, I believe. There was a second bouncing pillow next to it that the kids jumped on while we waited for the race to start. It also started to rain during the pig race. 


We sought shelter to let the mild rain pass, hit the corn pit again, the hay bale maze and then used our tickets for the barrel train ride. 

The sky was so cool.

There was an obstacle course the kids did

Then it was about this time Mary grabbed on to something sharp... actually you can see her in the background in the above picture. And yes right after I took that she came over crying. She had cut her four fingers and there was a big metal splitter in her hand. We were able to wash it out and get some help with bandaids and napkins from one of the workers. 

Before leaving we tried our hand at the family friend ax throwing, lol. It was velcro and plastic axes. 

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