Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Missouri Trip ~ Chiefs Game

 Saturday September 25th we took the drive over to Grandma's house. It's about 3.5 to 4 hours depending on the length of our stops, but it's not an easy straight shoot, it's twisty, windy, tiny roads. We dropped Harpo at the boarding resort on our way and headed north/east. 

Girls were loving this cat that kept coming around. Grandma doesn't have a cat, but this one sure was friendly. 

Some family football playing in the backyard. 

And a movie night. 

We stayed the night Saturday at Grandma's then the younger three spent the day with her and Grandpa, while Kyle, Isaac, and I went up to a Chief's game. 

Bright and early tailgating. We met up with my friend Brandi, her family, and some of her friends. 


Tailgating was the best part :-D, but time for the game so we headed inside. 

We didn't have seats together but we were only a section apart. We got to walk through the Chiefs Hall of Fame. 

And then time for the LOUD game! 

Sadly they lost but it was still fun. After the game we drove back to Clinton, picked up the kiddos and headed back to Wichita in an effort to make it home before bedtime since everyone had school and work the following day. 

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