Friday, July 1, 2011

Project begins!

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011
They came over and busted up some concrete and materials got dropped off.
June28_11project start contcrete 1

June28_11project start contcrete 2

June28_11project start contcrete 3

June28_11project start contcrete 4

Here's our wall boards and egress window well:
supplies delievered

We were getting a little aggravated that the dumpster bags hadn't been picked up. We were starting to worry about our grass. They were suppose to get picked up Monday, then Andy (our contractor) said that the waste company said anytime between Monday and Wednesday. When they weren't gone Wednesday we got concerned. Andy said he'd call them very mad and they WOULD be picked up Thursday. Well Thursday morning Andy got an email stating they were coming that day, finally!

Here they are picking them up:
first dumpster bag pickup

first bag in dumpster

second dumpster pickup

It took me a bit to realize it was the guy standing in the yard that was controlling the crane with a remote:
guy controlling dumpster crane

Luckily our grass still looked okay!
front yard grass

Our E-gress window is going to go here in place of the first window you see. I also wanted to show how HUGE my hosta's have gotten this year! I haven't even touched them. Since Kyle's been mowing while I'm at work it wasn't until last weekend when I went over to this side of the house that I saw how big they were!
huge hosta

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