Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mark curtains off my list

A while ago... probably over two months ago I FINALLY purchased some curtains for the dining room and also upstairs. I got them at Ikea, which they come unfinished at the bottom so you can make them any length you want. So instead of just using the iron tape that comes with them, I sewed the hems on to make it pretty. Wow, what a PITA that was!!! Well I did the dining room windows first.
dining curtain 1

You can see here I even made some little cloth & velcro rings (with the left overs I cut off the bottom) to hold back the curtains for when we have the windows open. I made these little things just a week ago when I wanted the breeze to come in :-)
dining curtain 2

(I hope this isn't a double post, I don't think I posted about my curtains yet)

Like I said this was a while ago that I finished these, shortly after we got our windows installed. What prompted me to get on it was that upstairs we took down the blinds to get the windows installed and after the new windows were in the street light was shining in my eyes at night, so I also made sure to hem up the ones hanging by our bed:
bedrm curtain 1

You can also see the lovely painted trim there we did a few weekends ago :-)

Well all six of those curtains really pissed me off one day, well not so much the blue dotted ones, but when I sewed the brown striped ones in the bedroom it was rather difficult. I poked myself numerous times with the needles holding the hem in place and since there are metal rings at the top the SOB was so heavy it was VERY hard to work with, that and being a huge piece of fabric. So I put off the other set of curtains until well TODAY! I'm trying to get the baby's room organized and prepared for moving down to the basement and one thing that has been sitting in the middle of the room was that unopened package of curtains for the other upstairs window. So I decided today was enough of the dreadful thought of finishing them and I was just going to do it! Of course within 2 minutes of pinning the hem up I stick myself. AND GOOD, I had to take a break so I didn't get blood on the curtains. I didn't measure this time, I just jumped in there and hemmed, pinned, and hemmed (a double hem so the edge is nice and pretty. You can even see that the hem's aren't even, but I DON'T CARE at this point, lol!

bedrm curtain 2

That is the last time I will attempt heavy, large, curtains. Well and if it wasn't for me being picky about what fabric I wanted I probably could have just bought some already hemmed, :-P

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