Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Basement Update: Windows & Gas Meter

Yesterday: Monday, July 25th
They continued to work on the electrical, got a LOT of the wires ran (sorry no pics) and INSTALLED OUR EGRESS WINDOW! Yipee!!!

These pictures were taken at lunch time yesterday. I didn't get any yesterday evening.
July25_11 egress 1

July25_11 egress 2

July25_11 egress 3

July 26th
Today started off intense. It's 1:00 now and no one is here, but they sure were at 7:30 this morning! And Harpo would not let me forget there were people here!

The gas company came today to move the gas line and they are also finishing up getting the other windows in. I'm guessing they will be back after lunch as there is still stuff sitting out. But I think the gas guys are done.

Here they were with the nice big hole in our front yard
July 26_11 gas 1

And here is the side of the house where they were working
July 26_11 gas 2

Our street was packed, their huge truck was on our side of the road. Then the plumber had his truck and trailer parked on the curb on the other side of the road. You can't see it as it is behind the gas truck.
July 26_11 gas 3

I just went and snapped these as there is no one here right now.
July 26_11 gas windows 4

July 26_11 windows 5

July 26_11 windows 6

this is the south side of the house, by our kitchen door. This is the window that will be in the wet bar area
July 26_11 windows 7

I'll try and get down there and get some pictures tonight of how the inside is coming. Last night you could see all the electrical wires! It's coming along, I can't wait for it to be finished!!!! Drywall is on the calendar for next week.

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