Saturday, July 2, 2011

It's a BOY!!

We had our 20 week ultrasound yesterday. He was so active (like he's been in our other two ultrasounds and inside of me all the time since I feel him moving about), the ultrasound tech was so glad he decided to show his 'goods' right off the bat. She said sometimes she has to spent quite a bit of time at the end to be able to show the gender. It was about a 30 minute ultrasound. It is so amazing watching him move inside. I could watch it all day!!! We got 11 photos! lol she just kept printing them in case we didn't get a better one,lol.






Here's his arm and you can see the umbilical cord. It's so cool how it looks like a rope!
006 cord

It's a BOY!!
007 it's a boy

if you don't know what you're looking at, I put a little caption of where his legs are in this photo (same photo, just caption):
007 it's a boy TEXT

This is his rump, see the two little bumps in the middle, that's his butt cheeks he's sitting with his legs and body on the right.
008 rump


This is a close up of his foot, one foot.
010 foot

Another foot shot.
011 foot

I also wanted to share this photo of Harpo. I bought this iron on to make him a little doggie shirt :-) he's such a good little boy. He knows I love taking pictures of him and will sit still for me until I'm finished.
big brother
He's thinking "I hope this baby comes along soon so I can stop having my picture taken" :-P

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