Thursday, July 7, 2011

Basement Update: Framing

Friday, June 1st - they hauled all the supplies inside and began laying down the floor framing, you can see it up against the walls on the floor
July1_11 framing 1

July1_11 framing 2

Last night I took these pictures of the framing progress:
July 6th
July6_11 framing 1

Area for where plumbing will eventually go:
July6_11 framing 2

That gas meter and lines will eventually be moved outside:
July6_11 framing 3

July6_11 framing 4

The start of my nook:
July6_11 framing 5

Then I just ran down and got these because he got a few more studs up this morning:
July 7th
that is the bathroom in the corner, the wet bar will go just to the left of it in that corner
July7_11 framing 1

This will be my little office/sewing table nook:
July7_11 framing 2

There will be a wall along this hallway wall that leads into the unfinished storage/furnace area:
July7_11 framing 3

It's starting to come together. We are VERY excited to get our upstairs decluttered, the downstairs finished and livable and started on the BABY'S ROOM!

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