Friday, July 29, 2011

Lake Harriet Walk {July 3rd} (& Harpo's friend Jackson visiting)

I'm a little late getting to these on my memory card, but I've been trying to keep up with the basement so I've just over looked these.

But a while ago we went for a nice evening stroll around Lake Harriet. Harpo LOVED it! We're trying to give him more walks, we've been bad parents this past spring and so far summer with not getting him out as much since we haven't been camping due to my every other weekend work schedule. But in the last week he did get to go to our neighborhood dog park twice!

This weekend his friend Jackson is visiting, until Sunday. I think this is the first visitor we've had stay at our house. Harpo has stayed at Jackson's house before and his other girlfriend Ruby. It's interesting seeing how he's acting. He's very withdrawn now, and a little jealous that someone else is here. It was too funny with them both on the bed last night. Harpo came in his same spot over by me and so Jackson went up and snuggled up right on Kyle. They are quite entertaining. They've known each other for about four year. Jackson is almost exactly five years older than Harpo and Jackson is the one who taught Harpo how to hike his leg on my flowers in the back :-/

Anyway back to why I started this post. Here are some pictures from our walk almost a month ago.
Here is a cute little gnome home
nome home

And a crane silhouette

the beach

duck family
duck family

and of course happy Harpo!
happy harpo

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