Saturday, July 31, 2010

Week 49

Getting so close to the finish line!!!
Week 49 blogsize

#337: Senior Session: I had my first practice senior session this day, and actually had my second later that same day. It was super fun and I think we got some great shots!!

#338: Kyle & Harpo: typical monday evening relaxing on the couch

#339: Jolene & Will: I met my friend Jolene for lunch, she is still on maternity leave with her little gorgeous man!!! Oh he is so cute my heart melts :-)

#340: Airport Loops: Wow what a day at the airport. 6:00am Kyle and I took our friend's car to drop it off for them to get later that day. I drove the jeep and Kyle drove their car. Kyle took a wrong turn so I had to make about 4 laps around the airport loop until he was able to drop off the car and I could pick him up. Then later that night about 8:30pm my brother flew in from California and I was again driving loops waiting for him to get his bag which ended up being lost and didn't get to pick it up anyway. I think I did about 10 loops that day, lol.

#341: Josh & Kyle in Uptown: While my brother was in town we went out to eat in uptown at my favorite place: Chino Latinos.

#342: Retractable Screen: We got NEW DOORS installed this day, 3 exterior doors and 2 screen doors. Oh I'm so excited!! It adds so much light to our house and hopefully will save some $$ on our heating bill this winter.

#343: Josh's Special Mexican Drink: My brother Josh spent the past 7 months in Mexico so it was only natural for him to want to share his experiences with us. One morning he fixed us huevos a la mexicana and another afternoon he made us these beer, tomato juice, other random spices drink called a michelada.

Happy Summer!

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